Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wai Shan was here (in case BS say i didn't put down my name)

I've got the souvenir. Well, I know it isn't beautiful but that's the best i can get. 70 bucks for 2. Original price was 90. Actually it would be cheaper to buy 4 because it's one set. That guy didn't really want to give me discount because I only wanted 2. It's so far the cheapest after going to 3 different shops which wanted to sell 100+ for 2.

It's very heavy! I wonder how I'm going to bring it back. Because it can break.

Jean, I can't get the receipt for it. Am very sorry. They usually sell it to people who wants to decorate their house with china beauty. So they have no receipt.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Erm...regarding the souvenir right... My dad still has no time to bring me to the shops where china people sell things from China. Not that I can't go myself... I do not know about what prices a chinese painting could cost so I can't bargain. Cuz according to my dad, sometimes you can cut till 10% of the original price but depends.
Well, my dad say, just in case we can't get something suitable, he's willing to give this out free. 2 sets. Actually there are from Hai-O, a chinese medicine shop. But what I see is that it's really small, the teapot is barely bigger than the blue cups we use during breakfast at DH.

Joel, what i was thinking is we can actually get something like thisor thisbut we need to frame it up(which cost quite a lot) or not it'll look a bit cheapskate with only the piece of drawing unless it's drawn on a scroll like this
But what i initially suggested was this. Translate their name in to chinese and get people to write.But I don't know where to get it in Kuantan.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

chinese orchestra

Its sad dat most people dont know our college. When I went back n ask for the orchestra, da teacher was positive & supportive. Everythg was going well.... den the magic question came...
Where is your college?

Now i have been in sales with clients aft spm. Customers are easy prey, but often, dey hit u with 1 magic ques.. the kind dat if u answered wrong, dey head for the door. This is the kind of ques.

so i exaggerate... - its just 45 mins from here, just a STONES THROW from rawang.
the response- RAWANG?! OMG! !#$$^$^&@$ ( i wasnt lying abt the 45 mins)

but i departed with a professional orchestra contact. Mr Lim (good surname), a fella that i began my conversation with in English thru the fon, n he struggled to maintain the language with me. i kept with eng, just for my amusement. little wonder y he's only in CHINESE orchestra.

his deal- 5 people, professionals. dey wont mind playing 1 hour plus. charge- RM500. those 'pros' can lift their own asses there, n dey can bring deir instruments of trade, so all we have to provide is the mike. dad says its a good deal...

so ya'll can think about WHEN you want dem to play. u can let those nightingales run for 45 mins, or 30, or u can even let them on 1 hour 15, going on thru the dinner, thereby expanding our value for money (i kiamsiap, not song deir price). dey might be also willing to do 30 mins, let them have a break, feed dem wid DH grub, n go again another 30 min. bad thing is, i havent witness 1st hand what they can cook up, but words are that they are good. they do this for a living, so like me and dota, it cant b dat bad.
think about the schedule.



must the dance be traditional dance? like those lemah-lembut one?

can I add some hip-hop unsur in it??

please say yes, I don't care. wink.

Monday, January 7, 2008

creeping closer to the forsaken detention centre

happy new year to all. though i have to say, dis is the worst start of the new year i had in my life... iv heard of more deaths den happy new year wishes. seems the only person that had a nice year was dr chua... haven't met em personally, but he's strong. believe me.

well, ignore my usual joyous and cheerful tone, & lets get down to biz. b4 we parted on our 10 hour daily sleeps (mine at least), we did faintly whisper about a baju for horsfall. iv checked it out. BEAUtiful.... i love it... wanted it meself. its RM120. there is a scaled down 1 (in terms of material), abt 70. da thing is, is you want it to look 'emperor-ish', its gotta b BLINK BLINK GLEAMING, a.k.a made of silk. iv tried the cheaper ones. aint nice, so i suggest to scrap the idea, if its not scraped already. bear in mind, its just the shirt, no pants. but its nice....... i want.... damn.....

now strolling past, i say a crystal plant (duno wad u call em). i have contacts to these things.. crystal plants, those salt crystals... round crystal crap on fountain... stuff like dat.. n i may be able to find 1 ard RM40. da plant 1 is nice... i have a pics, but its horrible looking, bad camera... ntg to do wid photographer. there are inscriptions on the pot, chinese, wid translation. alot of similar versions. lemmme know if it provokes interest.

n da orchestra ppl, i'll c to em by tomolo. da bad news is... the teacher in charge.. well... we kinda started off on the wrong foot couple of years back. aint my fault i call her a bitch right? redemption time...

stay alive people. im telling u... 2008 is bad...........................

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Trying 2 Piece Everything Together...



1. Cookies: Good 2 sell! only thing is hv 2 trouble May 2 make..
May, if you dun mind, really thanks!
Can u describe what kind of cookies, n how much u can make, so we can plan how 2 sell it? Thx ya.

2. Chun Lian: Ken, chun lian is gr8. Can sell then d rest can use 4 decor. How much is d cost? I hope is zero... Then, ask ur grandad 2 write as much as possible, when he free la, dun overwork him, haha..

3. CNY Cards with Caligraphy(just an idea): Anybody know whr 2 get CNY cards in bulk 4 cheap price? Everybody keep a lookout ok!

We send d cards 4 them. On d cards, we write d recipients Malay name in chinese characters(refer 2 post 'Fund Raising') and also let d sender write their personal message. We also write some auspicious CNY greetings in caligraphy 2 decorate d card. Should be nice.

Who knows how 2 write caligraphy? (juz decently nice wil do already...mine is so so bad...) i'm thinking neo, ken, ban long.. any others? i'm juz guessing.. if u can, plz tel ok!


Chaer wil mainly b in charge of this. Juz listen 2 her, lol.
Chaer, 4 d budget, anythg up 2 RM100 sud b ok. Jean can u confirm this? Decor is v important for setting d mood, makes a lot of diffenrence 2 d event. Thank you so much for doin this Chaer.
Juz 1 thg, i realise 4 many events, thr is 1 very nice spot whr every1 wil want 2 take a photo thr wan, i was hoping u cud create such a spot..if itz ok ya, thx.

Oh ya, i duno wat u mean by styrofoam.. Thr wil b a projector tht nite, 4 d video.. So how do u work tht out?

Everybody, bring all d ang pow packets u hv ok, ask frm ur parents, last year wan oso bring! They r very usefull 4 making decor.


Jesh, can u help wit posters(juz simple informative ones wil do) n making d invitations 4 d teachers. Thx.


Boon Seong wil book d hall.
Wai shan, can u work on d proposal 4 rog when u r free. By d end of this hol, i think most of d plan 4 this event sud b in place dy. Thx ya.


FYI, thr wil b no fasion show, it is impossible.

D event can only start at 8pm due 2 prayer time.

Any ideas 4 items 2 b done during d event r still welcomed.

This timeframe is just a rough guess, n d event will most probably drag on longer than stated.


8.00pm - Call 4 students to arrive, play CNY MV.

8.15pm - Teachers arrive. Speeches.

Opening Ceremony: invite Dr. Horsfal 2 hv lou sang on d stage, we hold it high up in d air until they start clapping, haha. Then we take a bite each.

Souvenier: (i duno bout gving it last, but it has always been in d beginning, stick 2 tradition lo)
d souvenier, in order of mi preference(this is jz mine, wat do u all think?): 1. Big Chinese Drawing(wai shan's idea) 2. Traditional Chinese Clothes 3. Kat Chai Tree 4. Lion Dance Head 5. Tea Set *(my rational is big over small) Dear ppl, plz gv price quotes 4 these items.

8.30pm - Dinner. Seniors mentioned tht dinner muz b 1st, 4 obvious reasons. Play CNY MV.

9.00pm - Main performance: I really need info on this, itz a v big deciding factor 4 d whole event! All of u who say u knw sm ppl who can do this, juz ask d price n report ok. Waiting 4 Dom 2 find out bout d Chinese Ochestra.

Drama/Sketch - Ei Jean is working on this. I will probably help coordinate this.

9.20pm - Dance. May has taken care of this. Many thanks.


9.35pm - Video.


9.45 - Chinese Yoyo. Thanks 2 Boon Seong 4 performing this.


9.55 - Lucky Draw. I'm thinking, we have 4 small prizes(mayb an ang pow wit rm2 in it) n 1 attractive big prize(mayb a hamper or Big Chinese Drawing). When each winning number is called out, d winner will go on stage. D winner will hv to use chopsticks 2 transfer 3 peanuts 1 by 1 from 1 bowl over a distance 2 another bowl in 20 seconds. D crowd will count frm 20 to 0 aloud 2gether with d emcee, sud b fun. D 1st winner who can do it will get d hamper! If nobody can do it, then hamper goes 2 last winner lo. This sud really get d crowd 2 hv fun. But if itz a chinese called out, sud easily b able 2 do it, duno how 2 solve this problem..

End d event wit this.

Tht's about it, a summary. Did I miss anythg?

Everythg can b discussed n changed.
Comments, ideas, opinions, see any problems, plz.

Posted by Joel


To everybody,
I’m back in action, this morning I was walking down the humble k.trg Chinatown.
Then saw an immigrant from China sellin these beautiful new year pics.
(5 pairs;10pcs)

Quite cheap, da price if buy more(the price ll remain confidential 1st in case outsider viewed our blog) haha -jz kd-

What do u all think?
Any opinions?

Monday, December 31, 2007


This is the fan i saw. 2.50 bucks for one. So May and Chaer, do you want to get it?

Happy New Year everyone! =)


Lil'M replies to Fund Raising and souvenirs

I can make cookies, if u want.

Jamin 1001% nice.

I saw a small lion dance thing. for not more than RM30. I think can buy for horsfall or foord, since it different from the thing that we discussed earlier.

Lil'M in action

hey WS, regarding to the fan that u posted in your last post, I've actually thought of using that for dancing ( the traditional way) and our CCC fan ( the modern way)..

erm, I've actually thought of a few dances, since all are wearing the same costume, i guess I better join the dances together... the few dances are: Fan (2 type) dance, umbrella ( very nice one) and one more is use cloth to dance one... all in all is three.

I've bought the cloth to decorate the costumes and as props to dance, so all I need from the girls is actually a white blouse ( something like the school uniform will do) and black long pants.

the number of performers per dance is maximum 10. so if u have extra white blouse, feel free to contribute more than one.

If the club really have no more fund for the performance, is it okay for the performers to contribute RM 3-4 ?? that's only IF the club runs out of fund..

Chaer, I have at home a "fu" word, I can bring it for deco, and 2 big lanterns too.

Adios. Choreographer.